Africa? Really?

March 30th, 2018

It seemed like a really good idea in that moment.

One night, while doing something called transcendental breathing, I had an overpowering sensation that felt like I was being instructed to get lost in Africa. To head off by myself, with myself to find myself. To disappear.

A good idea that didn’t take too long to get drowned out in the hum of life’s distractions in the days and months that followed, and excuses of why it couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t happen.

Then one thing after another fell into place. Obstacles—real, imagined and manufactured—resolved themselves with elegant simplicity.

“There you go,” said God. “The path has been cleared for you. Now it’s just plain rude if you don’t do this.”

And so I found tenants for my house, packed all of my nice things into storage, headed to Johannesburg to finish my planning, took courses in digital photography and off-road driving, and generally got myself mentally, emotionally and somewhat-physically ready for this adventure.

(I also had my Tarot read, just to make sure God was right.)

Nearly ten months after I first heard the whisper, I feel ready to leave friends, family and everything familiar, and set off on this journey. This expedition. This what-the-fuck-am-I-doing trip.

The parameters are easy enough:

1. Leave and return on my own — The mission is principally a solo one.

2. Meet up with folks who live along the way — man cannot live on thought and music alone.

3. Invite friends to join for adventures along the way — the right ones will appear.

4. Document the experience as thoroughly as possible — but don’t make it all about the broadcast.

5. Be as free and as spontaneous as possible — if I feel like turning left when the plan was to turn right, do it!

6. Be well prepared but not overly planned — ready for anything but without trying to control everything (When in doubt, see 5).

7. Find and savour the beautiful souls and incredible experiences that await along the way — I know this going to change the trajectory of my life.


I have a general sense of where I’m going: Up along the eastern side, left at the equator and down along the central and western side.

Here’s the most detailed routing I have. It’s probably not entirely accurate, but will give you a good sense of the general idea.

And here’s a list of the countries I’m heading to, together with the sights been recommended to me (please add to them in the comments!)

This website is where I’ll mostly share my experiences of those places. All words, photos and videos will be my own.