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April 17th, 2018

Botswana’s Must Sees

The Okavango Delta is currently my favourite place on this planet (written before my departure into Africa). I’m keen to see if this place still holds magic for me. Also on the list are the pans and a few other places, mostly in the north west. Approximate timing: late October early November 2018.

What am I missing? Please leave comments below with suggestions.

Part 1: Northern Parts

  • Road from Ngoma to Savuti
  • Savuti town
  • Mudumu National Park
  • Kongola in Namibia and Caprivi strip
  • Okavango delta
  • Sepupa
  • Tsodilo Hills World Heritage Site – Rock art, spiritual experience etc.
  • The roads may not all be connected here.
  • Makgadikgadi Pans and Game Reserve – larges dry lake in Africa. These are huge and no wildness
  • Ntwetwe Pan
  • Sowa Pan
  • Zwega, Zoroga, Nata road and Baines Baobabs

Part 2: Central and Southern Parts

  • Central Kalahari Game Reserve


  • Chris Rose

    Ok, here goes. Bots is an amazing place. There is a serious amount of changing landscapes that baffles the mind in a short space of time. The North West of Bots is definately the place to visit, when limited for time. Its a big place like all other African countries. The people are great. Very easy going. Its an iconic road from Ngoma to Savute. One thing about staying in camp sites in Botswana, you need to book in advance, like a couple of months before as they can be booked up. Maybe stay a day in Linyanti Camp before coming down. Then onto Savuti camp. Just a night. Then make your way down to Khwai. Mbudi Camp site No 4 Site, comes to mind. A few nights there will do you good. Just a side note, the way you set out your trip here is good in the map. I would not go through the entire Caprivi strip. Then onto Maun. Nice place to relax and regroup after being in the bush for a couple days. Then depending on the “Wetness” of the pans, definately head to them. Many interesting things to go and see. Try and get some time in the Central Kalahari. amazing place. With Baines and Nxai Pan. Then head back to Maun to regroup. Then off to Sepopa / Shakawe. But before that to Tsodilo Hills. There some Caves there as well that have just opened. Then exit to Nambia. Email me for specifics. Check ya

    Reply to Chris Rose
    • Post authorDakin Parker

      This answers a prayer I didn’t even make, Chris. Just yesterday I was told about the importance of pre-booking in Botswana. Until now I’ve managed with day-of-arrival, no problem. Your list gives me a great list of bookings to make for my time there in early November. I hope you’re around — see you for a beverage of sorts. Thank you!

      Reply to Dakin Parker
  • Chris Rose

    No worries. Our house is open all the time. Bed is always made and Maun is a great spot to base yourself. If your coming in Novemeber, it wont be peak season, so I dont think it will be as hectic as June / July, when its inherently peak. But check on bookings before. 🙂 Will be good to see you. And yes, a cold drink will be good to share. Check ya, Chris

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