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April 30th, 2018

From being scared of roadblocks to not wanting to leave

When I leave Zimbabwe tomorrow, I’ll be leaving a piece of my soul here. I had been warned of unnecessarily aggressive police stops and roadblocks, and of a poor and desperate people, but instead I found the roads wide open (pot-holed, yes, but without a single stop or bribe or verbal exchange #touchwood) and arms even wider open. The people, the vistas, the place is overflowing with a beauty and spirit.

Yes, there was quite a bit of solitude; not just me traveling on my own, but often I was the only person to visit that site that day. There is a lot of atmosphere to having a park, ruin or museum place all to myself too, so it was a bit of a plus.

There were so many photos to pick from that it was hard to whittle things down to these 50. But here they are.


  • Iwan

    The sights you have seen – I know how they can make one feel. Zim has its own magic…


    • Post authorDakin Parker

      Ja, for sure. I think that my fairly low expectations helped how much I loved it. Also the lack of roadblocks 🙂

      Reply to Dakin Parker
  • Bo

    The irrepressible Dakin Parker! You are my new idol. Keep going and sharing and, track me down when you emerge as ___________________? Your friend, Bo

    • Post authorDakin Parker

      Can I only re-emerge as one thing? I might have to add on another 9 months so that I can whittle down the options in my mind during that time 🙂

      Reply to Dakin Parker

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