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July 9th, 2018

#Good Guys: Lemala Lodges and Tented Camps

No trip into Africa would be complete without visiting the Ngorogoro Crater or the Serengeti. And no visit to these places would be quite the same without the complete package from the amazing Lemala properties at each of these iconic locales.


Lemala Ngorogoro is tucked away in a secluded thicket of the rich, dense tropical bush right on the rim of the Crater. It’s been there for over 10 years, giving it a truly established, yet absolutely luxurious feel. I got my own, personal tent attendant, who made sure I was woken, showered, fed and happy at every point of my all-too-short stay there. Their food was delicious and everybody really went out of their way to make sure all guests have a true safari experience.


Lemala Ewanjan at the Serengeti is a slightly larger camp (10 regular tents and 2 family tents) but with all of the attention to detail that I experienced at Ngorogoro. They are set up against one of the “kopjes” in the Central Plains of the Serengeti, making it easy to access the Western Corridor (for the migration, while I was there) and the northern plains too. They made a safari guide available for me for an entire day and together, Hasaan and I explored myriad plains, corners and vistas, and got to see absolutely all the game there was to see (except the rhino — they’re kept in a protected part of the park.) Hasaan was incredible: extremely knowledgeable, intimately familiar with the confusing road network and a great driver of my car (so that I could take photos and just experience the wildlife).

And don’t let the idea of “tents” and “camping” cloud your thoughts. We’re talking super luxury, permanent tents, with warm water (thanks to their famous “talking shower”), lights and even hot water bottles on cold nights.

I particularly liked that the camps are so similar, so that it felt like I just moved rooms. Although they didn’t need to do this for me, they can also put together entire packages, including their Adrift properties, white water rafting adventures at Wildwaters in Uganda and extensions to Zanzibar and Kenya.

Fiona made all of my arrangements for me. She’s a real gem and you can get hold of her on fiona@lemalacamp.com. Veronica from HQ made this all possible, so thank you to her and the team!

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