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April 21st, 2018

#Good Guys: Farmhouse Lodge, Matopos, Zimbabwe

I arrived at the Farmhouse Lodge nearly by accident. My original lodging spot for the evening didn’t seem to exist anymore. What a lucky-for-me occurrence; and what an unsuspecting gem!

Jane drove me from the reception to their campsite after explaining that it wasn’t in great shape because they were only expecting guests the next night. I followed her over bumps and rises, never expecting to be confronted with the view that awaited me.


I perched my car right on the edge of what felt like a single boulder mountain top and set up camp overlooking the Matopos mountains and a gorgeous valley between me and them.

The best part was that I had this entire place all to myself.

The sunrise in the morning, over the majestic mountain range shall stay etched in my brain in bright apricots and warm yellows forever.

Here is the Farmhouse Lodge’s website.

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