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May 20th, 2018

Highlights from the road: Day 16 to 20

You have exceptional beauty, Mozambique. I know; I’ve seen it before and will see it again. This time round, things were different. But I have learnt from this, including how my own prejudice and entitlement plays out in my experience. My words in the second half of this clip reveal some of those stubborn evils. And I cringe when I listen to myself but leave them in here because it’s relevant because it was said. (And I’m not talking about the curtsy comment. That’s funny for benign reasons.)

Thank you for the lesson.



  • Tiffany

    The best part of these videos is your quick monologues! Who wouldn’t jump for to you my dear?!? I love the bridge shot!

    Reply to Tiffany
    • Post authorDakin Parker

      Definitely not in the running to be a presenter on the next travel show world hit, but it’s as fun to make as you’re having watching xo

      Reply to Dakin Parker
  • Tristan Bain Venn

    Its so lovely seeing your face!! Those glasses are so SCHWAAVE!!!
    Looking forward to the next vid!!
    Love you loads!
    Tris xxx

    Reply to Tristan Bain Venn
    • Post authorDakin Parker

      They do have something elegant about them, don’t they 🙂 Thanks Tris xo

      Reply to Dakin Parker

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