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June 14th, 2018

Iringa and Selous get Tanzania going

I could feel Tanzania the moment I crossed the border. She’s not contained and meek and unaware of her spendour. That is Malawi’s place.

Tanzania feels like many things. It feels like it absolutely knows that it is a massive mammoth, expanse of a country. It’s like when a guy has a really big dick. He just knows it. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. The rest of us might not be able to see it while he is walking around but there is a certain swagger that he has, just because he knows… He knows that in that one department, he is loaded.

And when it comes to physical beauty, landscapes, mountains, greenery, Tanzania is absolutely loaded. Spread out and loaded. On a scale that I just haven’t seen before.

The diversity has been staggering.

These pics are just of my first two stops in the southern part of Tanzania: The highlands town of Iringa to meet up with Kerra, and then an adventure we had together at Selous National Park.



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