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April 12th, 2018

Mozambique’s Must Sees

I love Moz and have seen quite a bit of her. This time I’m probably just going to be passing through, from Zim to Malawi. But with a few sights along the way. Approximate timing: early May.

What sights am I missing? Please add any suggestions in comments below.

Part 1: Southern Interior close to Zim and Malawi

  • Straight drive from Mutare, via Chimoio.
  • 538m suspension bridge spanning Zambezi river
  • Beautiful small villages and bad roads to Cahora Bassa Dam
  • Emile at Casa de Pesca at Cahora Bassa Dam
  • Missão de Boroma, 25km NW of Tete
  • Zobue, a very busy border crossing and also a terrible road from Tete but also possibly a good border post into Malawi?
  • Lake Niassa, on the lake. Underdeveloped. Maybe a ferry from Malawi side?
  • Train ride from Cuamba to Nampula (and then on to Mozambique island).
  • Gurue. Tea plantations, jacarandas etc. Close to rock paintings.
  • Chimanimani mountains. Forms part of the Chimanimani Transfrontier Conversation Area with the Chimanimani park in Zimbabwe. Biodiversity, including tropical rain forests, cave paintings, sacred water pools etc. Hike or 4×4.
  • Gorongosa National Park. Close to former Renamo head quarters, so be ware of mines etc. But also big efforts to restock animals etc.

Part 2: Northern Coast

  • Isla Mozambique (or Ilha de Moçambique) – road joining the mainland, lively sidewalk cafes, museums and a World Heritage Site.
  • Quirimbas Islands and Archipelago.
  • Ibo Island – a bit further south of the main island cluster, close to Pemba. Has forts and crumbling mansions.

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