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May 1st, 2018

My Things, Zimbabwe

They would usually be referred to as “insights” and “take-aways”, but those sound terribly corporate. “Learnings” and “lessons” sound a bit presumptuous. And “meta” is just too highbrow.

So I’ll just call them “My things.” The things I came to think and believe, as I drove along my way and saw-felt-heard the things to see-feel-hear.

These are from the roads, people and places of Zimbabwe:


Now is a rainy day.

(As in a counter-argument to “Save it for a rainy day”) 

Convenience doesn’t mean luxury. And luxury isn’t always convenient.

(Also, laziness often gets dressed up as convenience. Don’t get the two confused)

Don’t be shy about involving or getting involved with other people. Chances are they’ll be delighted by your intrusion. 


If it needs to be killed, make real sure it’s dead. 

(Like a camp fire, for example)

Put everything back in its place immediately and completely.

(Sloth and enjoyment might seem like good bedfellows, but they really aren’t)

Listen. Not just with your ears.

(Eyes, experiences and everything extra-sensory, are all saying something)

Internet is good. Books are good. But nobody has knowledge like the people on the ground. 


Sometimes it’s not other people’s racism I’m seeing, it’s my own.

(Make that most of the time)

When on a mountain made of boulders, best you start thinking like a lizard. 


Use what you’ve got. Not carelessly but indulgently.

(Careless and indulgent can be mutually exclusive, or else they would be the same word)

When you’re too focused on every step, you forget to look up and see the golden arrows. 


Nobody else is eye-rolling. It’s just you, at yourself. 


Street fashion exists on all streets.

(Very impressive fashion, on very unlikely roads)


Once you’ve asked the question and a door is opened, you really should walk through the doorway. 


Is it just in these modern times, or have cows always been really stupid?


And the biggest thing I’m taking with me:

NEVER get between a hippo and her water.




  • Nicolette


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  • Elize van den Heever

    My favorite: “When on a mountain made of boulders, best you start thinking like a lizard”

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    • Post authorDakin Parker

      ? Mine too, although, as much as I love the sound of the phrase I’m not entirely sure what it is I’m trying to say ?

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