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April 11th, 2018

Namibia’s Must See

I must admit that Namibia is the most hyped country that I’m least excited to see. Sure, Brangelina think it’s cool, but “seen one dune, seen ’em all”? Approximate timing: November 2018 (I know – it’s going to be very hot hey)

Help me fall in love with this place. Add more to this list by posting a comment below.

Part 1: Northern Part

  • Kongola
  • Mudumu National Park
  • Bargani (border crossover into Botswana)
  • Otjozondjupa – learn about the modern San
  • Mpalila Island – luxury and expensive.
  • Ruacana Falls – crossing the border into Angola (or Epupa Falls)
  • Check the time of year and how the roads are. Try to drive in convoy with people because its very remote and isolated.
  • Try to get to the mouth of the Cunene and north Skeleton Coast
  • The coast road along the skeleton coast is very drivable all the way down to Swakopmund (Assuming you can get to the coast at Cunene)
  • Etosha National Park
  • Grootfontein – worlds largest meteorite
  • Giant Baobab Tree
  • Waterberg Plateau
  • Tommies Living Desert Tours (just outside Swakopmund) See the little 6.
  • Henties Bay
  • Walvis Bay – do a marine tour here (seals, dolphins, etc.).
  • Nkeskloof (sp?)
  • Opuwo and the Himba iconic tribe
  • Welwitschia Drive
  • Some river bed that’s supposed to be incredible.
  • Phillips Cave
  • Gams Art Festival and also Wild Cinema festivals – around October/November

Part 2: Southern Part

  • Sesriem Canyon (a bit forced camp-site, but nice, per Luke)
  • Solitaire – Weltevreden Guest Farm is a great option to stay and travel to Sossusvlei daily. Lots of freedom of movement here, unlike some of the other game parks close by.
  • Naukluft Mountains
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Luderitz
  • Sperrgebiet National Park
  • Orange River
  • Grunau and Karasburg – nice mountain range, but rather the Richtersveld.
  • I think I can enter ZA through the Transfrontier Park
  • Augrabies Falls – in ZA, and amazing. Great backpackers here. Species of lizard here that are pretty and densely populated.
  • Inside Augrabies National Park. Half-mense etc. Very pretty and interesting.


  • Raine Parker

    Wow wow wow… I think Iā€™m most jealous about this one. Nam – what a stunning country.

    I love Caprevi strip – it was stunning!! Looking forward to see your writing about Namibia.

    Reply to Raine Parker
    • Post authorDakin Parker

      What are you doing in November, Raine? Come along! šŸ™‚

      Reply to Dakin Parker
    • DGP

      Hey kiddo Iā€™m just testing a new feature of my site ā€” one that emails you if someone replies to your comment. Please let me know if you get this, by replying to this comment from the website. Thanks.

  • Chris Rose

    Namibia – plenty of distance, good dirt roads šŸ™‚
    Its going to be in the hotter part of the year in November but on a trip like this, this can’t be helped šŸ™‚ Start at the top and make your way down, as you have marked on your map. The top part as you have marked to go through Rundu and then to Ruacana Falls (Great camping), then drift downwards. All the sites you have mentioned in between. Etosha for the day and then to Swakopmund. But first you need to stop off at a place called Spitzkoppe. Its just off the road towards Swakop, well worth the visit. Pass through Walvis….do not stay… then off to Sisriem, solitaire and obviously Sossusvlei. The rest of the trip looks great. Remember, the more South you get the more civilisation creeps in šŸ™‚ Wicked trip!

    Reply to Chris Rose

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