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May 19th, 2018

Southern Malawi: Photos for now

I’m definitely going to post more about each place and hopefully share a story or two. But internet connectivity is shady in Tanzania at the mo, so I’ll just put up the pics of southern Malawi for now and prettify and storify it later.



  • Helene

    Wow this is jaw dropping beautiful!!!

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    • Post authorDakin Parker

      And only about a tenth of the pics I took… There’s a lot of spirit in Malawi 🙂 Thanks for sharing in my moments xo

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  • Shaun

    Looks wonderful, really did not know Malawi was this stunning. I am planning a trip in about 2 years and was going to avoid Malawi, not anymore. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    • Post authorDakin Parker

      Any time, Shaun. And this is only the first half of my time there! The northern part has its own beauty too. If you have any specific questions about Malawi as you plan your trip please drop me a line!

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